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Have You Ever Wanted to Know the Secret

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According to Wikipedia...


In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into product or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter lists, or acquisition of sales leads.

My definition is to find ways to attract people to my business, by providing them with enough value so they trust me and become customers who will eventually buy. "No one wants to give money to a total stranger" especially on the internet. 

There are Three Things You Need to Do.....

Who is your Audiance
  1. Decide Who Would be Attracted to Your Service/Products

  2. Find out Their Fears, Goals, Pains, and Dreams

  3. Find a Medium in Which to Communicate with your Targeted Audience

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                       Have you Heard About Attraction Marketing?


You must be able to create valuable content, whether you use a blog, social media, email marketing, videos, or any other way to contact your leads.

Always start off with good content created by you or shared. It is up to you to provide useful information to your prospects that help them, rather than just trying to sell them something. You should be creative in acquiring your contacts information. The days of just using opt-in boxes are over. People are more reluctant to put in their information, as they know they are opening themselves up for being spammed. It is important to give them something of value in exchange for their information. Some of the ways in which to do this is by including a training video, a free trial, a Webinar, or maybe a free eBook.

Attrection Marketing

What About Using Those Review Platforms?

Have you ever thought about writing a review? It is a great place to expand your brand and get noticed by the right people.

Search Engines love these sites and you are encouraged to either write some of your own, or even better, have some of your users leave a review and you will increase your chances of being found on Google.

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